Michael Vizdos

I help software development teams deliver solutions in the real world. I am currently the Managing Director of Vizdos Enterprises, LLC, where I travel around the world and teach classeswork with clients (including remotely), and speak at conferences.

The main purpose of this site is to describe my available services and have a place to view my resume (PDF or HTML).

This site does not have a lot of marketing hype — I know you are a very busy person and you are here for a specific reason (if I do not answer your question please contact me directly).

I maintain a blog and cartoon series about Scrum (an agile software development technique) which you can view at www.implementingscrum.com. This is a free service to the community and has a ton of great searchable content for teams to start some [possibly] difficult conversations.

I co-wrote a book a few years ago with Scott Ambler and another person (it was cool to get a copy translated in Japanese), and have been pretty active in the Agile Software Development Community since 2001 (and in the industry now for over 20 years — wow time flies).

I would not consider myself an “Agile Purist.” I help teams discover what makes sense to do in their specific situations. There are no silver bullets and most of this agile stuff is repackaged — and works — in many teams and organizations around the world.

Take a look around the site. Let me know if you have any questions. I like feeding my family and making a living do this so please feel free to ask about my services anytime!