Agile Buzzword Compliance.

Agile Software Development. Scrum. Kanban. Agile. SAFe. eXtreme Programming. Disciplined Agile. Business Agility.

Does it seem like the Agile buzzwords keep coming at you (and never ends)? And. Your manager (or their manager or their manager ++) is chanting the organization line, “We’re Agile!”.

You look around and might be wondering, “Yeah, but nothing seems to have actually changed .” Things may really feel like “Dark Scrum” around here. We may be spinning on an endless hamster wheel of the “Hyperactive Hive Mind.”

Focus. #deliver

My name is Michael Vizdos and I work with people on teams to help implement real change. I lead an established and nimble small business with a team of people who are responsive to your needs.

No bureaucracies. No long term commitments. Let’s talk.

My best clients are senior leaders of the teams who are trying to implement real change (think Vice President, the C-level people, or the company founder in your organization). I’ve worked with start-ups, mid-size companies, large enterprises (including many of the Fortune 50), and military organizations around the world. It starts with a conversation.

If you work FOR one of those leaders, you can use me to have conversations with them (that might be a career-limiting-move for you in your current environment) about really making the, “We’re Agile!” chant more than just another myth within your organization. It starts with a conversation.

If you ARE one of these senior leaders or company founders, let’s talk. My ideal engagement (contract) is directly with you because things are going to get rough; your organization needs you to provide the fire cover and possibly burn some political capital. I don’t sell fiction of “the perfect plan” mapped out for the next three months. It starts with a conversation.

Do any of the following statements sound familiar?

  • You require internal alignment in your organization; this is for both your leadership and tactical delivery teams.
  • You want agile and scrum training that is relevant and real; you want to learn from an experienced practitioner and trainer.
  • You need a mentor who can have tough conversations; you want to learn by doing.
  • You are stalled in an “agile transformation”; you are stuck and wondering how to take it to the next level.
  • You want to help students, teachers, and administrators learn how to apply scrum in your local school or district.
  • You are starting, practicing, coaching, or leading an agile project; you want some guidance along your personal journey.

Change starts with a conversation.

I can help.

Let’s Talk