Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers)

Welcome. We have tried to address your common Frequently Asked Questions.

We learn new things every day together. Did we miss something?  Please let us know


I want to learn more about Ron and Michael first.

Awesome idea.  This private community is hosted by Ron Jeffries and Michael Vizdos (these two links should bring up a google search for both of us… we are well known out on the internet and do not try to hide).

We are experienced agile practitioners who are passionate about working with people who get it.

​Do you get it?


Do I need to make a long term commitment?

No. There are no long term commitments. This is a month-to-month [or quarterly] prepaid service (except for the enterprise level) provided to you.

We also have the ability to bill quarterly if your billing people prefer that on their operations side.


Why are you charging me for this service?

You are investing in yourself. This service has been setup to enable you access to real conversations in a safe environment moderated by Ron Jeffries and Mike Vizdos. You will be able to interact with them and many experienced agile coaches and practitioners.

Ron loves to sit around at the coffee shop and get paid for drawing; he is also one of the signatories of the original Agile Manifesto (that guy). Mike is an entrepreneur, consultant, trainer and fellow agile practitioner.


Can I get a discount?

If the monthly fee is an issue for you and you are ready to make a commitment to your professional growth please let us know and we can discuss options.

​Look at it this way… this is less than one billable hour of your time per month (if it is not… we should talk about why not??!) and you get access to many other people in the community to help you along this journey.


What will I be charged for this service?

When you sign-up, you will be charged for the initial fee.

​You can pay via credit card or Paypal (your choice). Each month (or quarter) after that, you will be charged that same fee.

You now have the ability for individual, team and enterprise level subscriptions.


Will the price ever increase for me?

We expect the monthly fee to increase over time (as more value-added content and services are added).

Here’s the thing… you will only be charged your initial sign-up fee every month (or quarterly). Your price for this service will never increase as long as you stay a paid member of the community with us.


Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes. We encourage you to try it.

If you join us and find this is not for you… we will discontinue the service with you and refund your initial monthly payment upon request.

​If you are receiving continued value for this service, stay engaged in the community and you will be automatically charged every month (based on your initial sign-up rate).

​Ron and Mike are reasonable people… this is not something you should feel trapped into if its not for you.


Do you offer One-on-One Mentoring?

Yes. We realize people are not always into the experience (it IS awesome!).

​At this time Mike Vizdos offers a variety of options for remote one-on-one mentoring.


Are you ready? Join us today.


You have not answered my question.

Sorry we were not able to address your concern or answer all of your questions.

Please let us know what’s missing and we will make sure it gets addressed immediately.

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