There are people in the world who are “early adopters.” You know, the people who seem to get the latest and greatest stuff to make their lives easier? Only, most of the time, when it is the “latest” it is sometimes very far from being the “greatest.”

You with me so far? Do you have a picture of “that person” in mind? I used to be “that person” for a lot of things; over the past few years, that has changed pretty drastically and for many reasons.

Today, “The Gear” I get has to solve a problem for a very specific use case AND provide way more value than the cost. The use case must be real (as an ex-early-adopter I am king of coming up with imagined use cases heh).

This category of the blog will focus on “The Gear” I use, why I use it, how often I use it, and recommendations for you to use it — or not.

It’s not always about having the latest and greatest stuff / technology / “The Gear”.

Before I start sharing my thoughts with you on this, what is some of “The Gear” you cannot live without, and why?