The final category I’ll be touching on in this blog (maybe!) is “The Reads.”

I’ve read the research that says roughly 25% of adults have picked up a book in the past year.

​I am guessing that of the 25%, “picking up” means just that.  Another smaller percentage of those people start a book (maybe read the foreword).    Another smaller percentage get through chapter one.  If you take those percentages of percentages, that means most adults never even finish reading a book.

I remember reading that Amazon came up with this scheme to pay authors by the pages read in a book (they know that and so much more about us).  Authors freaked out because they know most people never get past the first chapter.  I think / hope that Amazon put that idea back on the shelf.

I am one of those strange people that read.

A lot.

And this means more than one book a year.  Actually, it’s more like one book a week for me.  I don’t waste time watching TV or hanging out on Facebook (I am active a bit on Twitter and LinkedIn mostly for business purposes).

I’ll be using this category to do book reviews of “The Reads” I am doing.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  If I put a book down because it was a waste of time, I’ll let you know.  If I consumed a book and could not put down, you’ll hear about that too.

So.  Before we get started here… let me know what books you have either loved or hated, and why, in the comments below!

​Thank you.