Coaching Scrum

Do you want to become an amazing Agile Scrum Coach in your organization?


Coaching Scrum: “Pro Tips”

Many people equate an Agile Coach == Scrum Master. It’s a good start.

Many Scrum Masters work the way into a career as an Agile Coach.

Here are a few professional tips to remember so you can become even more amazing when coaching Scrum:

  • You are not responsible for controlling outcomes.
  • An Agile Coach is the ultimate servant leader.
  • Your actions while coaching agile scrum speak louder than words.
  • Go back the to the basics.  Daily.
  • Scrum is all about communication between people.
  • You — or your boss and organization — cannot [continue] “Managing Scrum“.  Change the conversation by Leading Scrum.

Coaching Scrum: How to become an amazing Agile Scrum Coach

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