Leading Scrum

Do you want to become an exceptional Agile Scrum Leader in your organization?


Leading Scrum: “Pro Tips”

You are a great leader today. You’ve gotten where you are by playing the rules (and knowing when to bend them).
Things have changed.  You may be hearing things like, “We must become Agile.”

It’s not just about becoming betterfaster and cheaper.
Become an exceptional Agile Leader within your organization.

Here are a few professional tips to remember so you can become even more amazing when leading Scrum:​

  • You are not responsible for controlling outcomes.
  • You cannot [continue] “Managing Scrum.”
  • Trust your team. Without trust, you are stuck doing the same thing.
  • This is not just about being, “better, faster, and cheaper.”  That’s a myth.
  • Your job is to setup the organizational system so your teams can focus and deliver.
  • Scrum is all about communication between people.

Leading Scrum: How to become an exceptional Agile Scrum Leader

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