Managing Scrum

Do you want to become an exceptional Agile Scrum Leader in your organization?


Managing Scrum: “Pro Tips”

You are living in a delusional fantasy world if you still think you can “manage” your team and organization using old-style, “Command and control management practices.”

Let it go. And, “Welcome to the 21st Century.”


​Change is hard. My name is Michael Vizdos and my brain was stuck where yours might be today.

Step One:
Please leave this page (not the site!) and learn more about LEADING SCRUM. Take a look around this site and let’s have a real conversation about your thoughts on managing scrum versus leading scrum.

There is a huge difference and it begins with your mindset.

Step Two:
Let go of the fantasy of control and the idea that you can get by with, “Managing Scrum” in the 21st century.  We are 20+ years into this century. You are past any recent memories of the Y2K COBOL mess (it’s over and YES I remember that one too!).

It’s time.  And you know it.

Managing Scrum = Bad Idea.
Leading Scrum = Good Idea.


Step Three:
You are still reading this, huh? Guessing it’s time now for you to read about the services our team can provide to you and your organization. Really though… leave this page now and read about LEADING SCRUM.

What Next?

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