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Starting Scrum: “Pro Tips”

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Here are a few professional tips to remember when starting Scrum:

  • Scrum is not an acronym for anything and Scrum is not a “Silver Bullet“.
  • While the word Scrum comes from the sport Rugby, there is nothing violent in the real world of implementing Scrum on your projects.
  • There is a real world difference between the words “Scrum” and “Agile.” Don’t worry about that right now.
  • Scrum is not about technology or agile tool vendors trying to make you Agile.
  • Do not try “Scaling Scrum at the Enterprise level” if you cannot implement Scrum with one team yet.
  • Scrum sounds like a pretty funny word, huh?
  • Scrum is all about communication between people. And. It starts with some difficult conversations about prioritization.
  • You — or your boss and organization — cannot try “Managing Scrum.”

Starting Scrum: How to Start

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