Your  Upcoming  CSM (Certified Scrum Master) Experience  with  Michael  Vizdos

The following description is modified around the “in person” training; while some of the exercises and flow may change a bit, this is an extremely interactive two day event [online] with some incredible feedback from recent attendees.
This training is about shifting your mindset and learning a new perspective; this is not< just a “101” (or fundamentals) course.

Over two days online, you will experience what it is like to work on a Scrum Team from the perspective of a Scrum Master. If you’d like to see the format for the four 1/2 day sessions, please click here.

We’ll take breaks often and your participation is expected over the two days.
Cameras ON.

If you want to sleep or do other work, please attend another training.

If you “only” want a certification stamp, please go to another training. You help build the experience with your peers in the training together.

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