Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I’ve created this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to help answer some of your common questions about Certified Scrum Training.

Please remember: All agile scrum training is not created equally. You have a choice.

Michael Vizdos is a CST (Certified Scrum Trainer) with the Scrum Alliance (since 2006).

Your Choice Matters

You should be concerned about who you receive your training with because it is possible to walk away from this training excited, re-energized, and ready to apply what you learned in the real world immediately.

Training workshops with me are not just based on theory; I share my current real world experiences with you and create a safe environment to learn along with your peers during the event.

Read some of the Frequently Asked Questions below that I receive from people — just like you — prior to registering for one of my agile scrum training events.

I’ve tried to answer the Frequently Asked Questions all as though we are having a real world conversation.

If we are missing something or you’d like to chat more, please contact me now.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Common Questions and Answers

You gain from MY Experience

You get my real world experience from training and working with clients internationally (with almost 30 years of professional experience).

I am a founding member of both Agile Richmond and the Agile Costa Rica User Groups.  I actively participate in both groups today; you can meet with me in person when we are there together! I am also a regular participant in the Agile Phoenix User Group.

During any training workshop, I’ll share real world current experiences with you – including stories from my clients (without naming names of course) and how I use Scrum to operate my own company.

You receive a NO Cancellation Guarantee

Other training companies might cancel at the last minute if there are “not enough people” (that sucks if you have not experienced it yet).

I understand this is important to you (this is one of the main reasons people attend my training workshops).

I agree it’s important. Here’s the thing…

You make a commitment of your time and money by registering.

I will be there.

Even if it’s just you and me. Really.

If it’s less than five people I will give you a heads up… but in reality the smaller classes rock and you receive some very personal attention.

How can I “guarantee” that I will not cancel a workshop?

If it’s in Richmond, Virginia, this is my home town and I have an awesome training venue.

If the training workshops are in Costa Rica or Chandler, Arizona, I have used the same venue for years and we have a high-trust (and no contract) business relationship. If it’s in Costa Rica or Chandler, I give you my word… I will be there for you.

Please Note [fine print — real life]:

The only exception is usually during our strange winter storms in Richmond, Virginia — I can’t control the weather and we need to stay safe; in the years I have been doing this I have never canceled a local workshop for that reason either. If I am traveling outside of Richmond please realize travel delays can happen. Migration snafus can happen. Volcanoes erupt. Viruses lock down countries. Planes break (hopefully while still on the ground). Real life happens. I can’t control everything and I do everything possible to get to you when I travel. Dates farther out from today may change a little bit (with plenty of notice) due to client conflicts. I had to cancel a class back in 2009 when my father passed away. You. Get. Me Thanks for reading the fine print. You good with this policy? If not… let me know what I can do to improve it. Are you spending more time reading this fine print than reading your latests “Terms and Conditions” agreement you just accepted on your latest operating systems upgrade? Good. I appreciate that. It means you care as much about this as I do. You see I care, right?!?! I am different and that may resonate with you too. We are human. Welcome!

You pay a Fair Price

You might pay a bit more for this training workshop.

​If you are looking for the cheapest solution I am probably not the right fit for your current training needs. I will not “price match” other trainers (or training companies) because the unique experience we deliver is worth it. Really. Ask your peers.

Remember – Experience matters. I am not a newbie and I share current real-world client experiences along with the other participants in the training event.

If you are looking at alternatives, please contact the other trainers (the actual trainer — not the company representing them) and have a conversation to see if it really is a good fit for you. Don’t just speak with the sales team or representative; all awesome trainers will take time to speak with you. Let’s talk.

And… I will not back out on my commitment to be there for you.

You get Available Discounts

Are you Unemployed? 
My policy is for you to pay 1/2 the listed price (for my training) today and then you send me the remainder when things are better financially for you.  Need something different or want the promotional code? Let’s talk.  We can work something out together (please note though — *nobody* usually attends for free).

Are you currently in the US Military (or a veteran)?
Thank you for your service to our country (if you are in the USA!).

Please contact me with your location and date of interest for a public workshop and I’ll extend the courtesy team discount to thank you (even if it is just you!).  I appreciate your service to our country.

Please contact me if you’d like to discuss bringing me to your location for private training or learn more about our Team Plans.

You are traveling from Out of Town

If you are traveling to our home town of Richmond, Virginia, I can let you know some great places to stay, eat and visit. Heck… you may even get an invite to a home cooked meal if you are nice (smile) — just ask!

If you are flying to Richmond, Virginia the airport code is RIC and we are located about a half hour west of the airport in a place called “Short Pump” or “Innsbrook”.  It’s not the easiest airport to get in and out of; I’d suggest coming in the day before and leaving the morning after the training workshops.

If you are flying to Alajuela, Costa Rica the airport code is SJO (make sure you DO NOT plan on flying to San Jose, California). I’d recommend staying at the venue location (it’s right next to the San Jose airport and a good place to get started if you are coming to Costa Rica for the first time).

Other locations?  Let’s talk because I am traveling there too!

You learn Actionable Outcomes

You can apply what you learn immediately.

You can start changing the conversation within your organization immediately following this workshop.

I would not recommend you go back to work (or go home to you spouse or significant other) and try a dogmatic approach of changing everything immediately; your spouse or significant other will think you are crazy and it actually could be a career limiting move back at the office.

I will talk about specific strategies for doing this during the training event.

You receive Premier Access

You receive premier access to me (before and after the event).  Forever.  Well… as long as you want to stay connected and as long as I am on this planet.

Let’s have a conversation; I encourage you to also do this with other trainers you may also be considering.  I am here for you.

You are spending your valuable time and money [or your organizations] on this so make sure you connect with the actual trainer you’ll be working with over the two day event.  Ask questions.  Feel comfortable.

Actually… call me right now at 262-MVIZDOS (+1.262.684.9367) and if I am available we can talk in real life (if not leave a message I will call you back ASAP).

You receive your Certification from the Scrum Alliance

You want your certification. I deliver.

All Certified Scrum Training workshops are backed by the Scrum Alliance (the industry standard for valued Scrum Certifications in the industry).

Since our time together in the workshop is valuable, you will be taking the CSM assessment on-line after the workshop is over; currently the CSPO workshop does not have an official exam today.

Your fee to my company covers the cost of taking the exam and membership to the Scrum Alliance if this is a certified workshop.

If this is not a “certified” event, you may still quality for the Scrum Alliance SEU’s, Project Management Institute PDU’s or others.  Ask.

You will participate in an Interactive Environment

You will not suffer through Power Point hell.  I don’t use it.

You will receive a workbook — and create what is important to you — that you can take away and use back in the real world once the training is done.

This also means you cannot sleep — or check out mentally — for the training days.

WARNING: If the ONLY thing you want is a “certification preparation” class without participating in your own learning… please do NOT come to this workshop.  My certified workshops are not your basic test-jamming session so if that’s what you expect please do NOT attend this training.

Participation is required (just like on a real world Scrum Team!).  It’s actually more like a facilitated two day conversation than a regimented “we need to cover all the slides sorry there is so much stuff [excuses here]” type of training.

You receive a Valuable HIDDEN Bonus


You will meet other Agile Scrum Professionals in our local community.

This might be the most-valuable-hidden-gem of the entire training experience and hopefully worth reading these Frequently Asked Questions!

Do you have questions?

Did we miss something or not answer your question fully in these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)?

Contact Trainer

Still Undecided?

​If you decide to NOT attend training with me, that’s understandable.

I’d like to understand why if possible! How about this for an offer?

I have trained — and personally know and still work with — many of the trainers and coaches in this small agile world.

Contact me and let’s have a real conversation about your other options and trainers I’d personally recommend.

Yes, they are “competitors” but if I can help you make an informed decision I’ll do that for you with ZERO pressure to buy from me.

I promise (this is very important to me as a professional and real world person who tries to live with integrity and honesty because only good happens from doing this for you).