The Team

It’s 2021 and our world has been redefined around how we work together; let’s harness this as an opportunity to do this in a different way and learn more about the team.

My name is Michael Vizdos and I’ve been privileged to serve clients in various professional capacities for over 30 years (yikes). One of the main things I’ve learned is that I am only effective delivering incredible outcomes with clients by surrounding myself with an awesome team of professionals.

Some people may call this group of people advisors, a squad, friends, mentors, misfits, colleagues, trusted sources, or even “competitors.”

For me, people on this team are all about collaboration and keeping one another grounded. ​They are my “go-to” people when I am stuck and need help. We check in on a regular basis and collaborate (one-on-one and sometimes in groups — some of them have never met the others yet).

Nobody on this list works for me and yes, sometimes we are in “competition”.

I am sharing this list of contacts with you because this is the crew I call. You can contact them directly; realize that if you and I work together, these are people we can both lean on for professional assistance. I hope it’s useful to you!

​It’s an evolving list and in no particular order; I’ve listed their names alphabetically along with a brief description of their super-powers, a link to their site, and their social profiles (if they are on Twitter, you can follow the list here).

Ace Callwood

Ace is a mediator, storyteller, and founder of Coffitivity and Painless 1099. Think FinTech and I think of Ace.

Al Shalloway

Al is working to close the difference in what we know how to do and how much of that is done in the world.

Ashley Shoval

Ashley is a design strategist and innovation consultant.  Also see her ideas around Product: You.

Catherine Louis

Catherine is all about delighting customers and has deep product development experience.

Cat Swetel

Cat is a technology leader interested in exploring how digital transformation facilitates relationships and could create conditions for more generative institutions.

Chris Brogan

Chris runs a media company and is a “Chief of Staff”.  He is working on his next best seller and hosts The BackPack Show.

Dean Chanter

Dean is a metrics whisperer and he has an awesome youtube channel at  Subscribe.

Fred Madrigal

Fred is a facilitator and coach from beautiful Costa Rica.  He likes legos. And Star Wars.

Hala Saleh

Hala is all about Product Management.  Experience counts here!

Howard Sublett

Howard is the Chief Product Owner and CEO at the Scrum Alliance.

Jake Smith

Jake is a co-founder of MetaCTF.  When I think of cyber security, I think of Jake.

Jessica Allison

Jessica is a Product Manager at CarMax and the co-organizer of Product Tank Richmond.  Strong product mindset.

Krissyn Sumare

Krissyn is passionate about Agile In Education and is responsible for all things Agile at Blueprint Education.

Lyssa Adkins

Lyssa is unleashing the potential in top leadership teams (because it’s time to thrive).  Best selling author.

M. Scott Ford

M. Scott mends your legacy code mess.  He is the founder and chief code whisperer at CorgiBytes.

Mark Deutsch

Mark is the Vice President of Business Development at Veracity.  Think selling.  Think Mark.

Mike Sutton

Mike is the founder at Decksender and Amazemeet. Chief instigator of shenanigans. Professional procrastinator.

Perry Reinert

Perry is passionate about user groups, agile conferences, telemedicine, and flying.  Take a look at

Ron Jeffries

Ron is one of the original signatories of the Agile Manifesto and we collaborate together at Development. Guru.

Scott Ambler

Scott is the Vice President and Chief Scientist for Disciplined Agile at Project Management Institute.

Tomas Rodriguez

Tomas is an organizational coach from Costa Rica.  He works with Fred.  Lucky guy.  

Vern McClandish

Vern is a cyber threat professional and great person to know in that industry.