Agile Mentoring. What is it?

Accountability. Communication. Teamwork.

As a professional in the agile world today, you have the ability to connect — on a regular basis — with your peers, mentors and coaches to continue learning how to provide more value to your teams, clients, stakeholders, and end-users in an agile mentoring private community.

Be part of the amazing experience of joining this private community dedicated to Agile Mentoring in the real world. Today.

Ron Jeffries and Mike Vizdos host a private agile mentoring community that provides this service to you. The conversations are rich and hosted in a safe environment. You will be joining other practitioners from around the world.

This is an extended conversation (it’s via an asynchronous and private workspace) with advanced practitioners Mike Vizdos, Ron Jeffries and other skilled members of this online community. It’s not one-on-one mentoring with just Mike and Ron.

​It’s an on-going conversation with them AND the entire community where you can choose to engage when — and if — you want (at your own pace). We invite lurkers and people who want to fully engage. It’s your choice about how you want to engage with the community, this is one of the benefits of being part of our community.

We all work together towards actionable outcomes. Regardless of your experience level in the agile world, you will receive value to up your game as professional and add value for your clients (internal or external).

You have access to Ron Jeffries, Mike Vizdos & members of this private community.

Ron Jeffries

Ron Jeffries

Ron is one of the founders of Extreme Programming (XP – circa 1996), along with Kent Beck and Ward Cunningham.

He was an XP coach on the Chrysler Comprehensive Compensation System project, which was where XP was invented.

He is the author of The Nature of Software DevelopmentExtreme Programming Installed,  and Extreme Programming Adventures in C#.

​Ron is one of the 17 original signatories of the Agile Manifesto.

Michael Vizdos

Mike Vizdos

Mike is a Certified Scrum Trainer Managing Director at Vizdos Enterprises, LLC.

​Ken Schwaber has referred to him as an early pioneer of Agile. Mike has been in the industry for over thirty years and is probably best known as the creator of the website ImplementingScrum and narrator of the official Scrum Guide (v2020) Audio Book and the new Interactive Scrum Guide.

Mike is the co-author of a book (with Scott Ambler) about the Enterprise Unified Process (2005), which addresses scaling software development teams across an organization (much like the current popular topic of scaling Scrum and other Agile techniques within an enterprise) in order to Focus and #deliver.

Agile Mentoring: Benefits of being part of our private community.

  • You can have direct communication with:
  • Private Online Community (via with multiple channels)
  • Daily accountability check-ins with your peers
  • Professional Networking
  • Have input on new offerings and features from within our community
  • No long term contracts: it is month-to-month (or quarterly) pricing
  • Your monthly (or quarterly) price will not increase as long as you stay a paid member
  • New benefit [coming soon]: Regular webinars (live or recorded)
  • More coming soon…

Agile Mentoring: Join our community today.

We look forward to welcoming you into our community. It’s risk free, welcoming, and safe environment for you and our members.

Individual Membership

$50.00 / month
$150.00 / quarter

Team Membership ( 2 – 7 people w/ a private channel)

$300.00 / month
$900.00 / quarter


The subscription fee will increase as our community continues to grow and extra benefits are added. YOUR monthly rate will never increase as long as you are a current paid member.


Please read our FAQ or contact us directly for more information. We are here to serve you.