Implementing Scrum – What is it?

“Scrum is a lightweight framework that helps people, teams and organizations generate value through adaptive solutions for complex problems.”

Scrum Guide (2020)


Why Scrum?

Scrum has its roots in agile software and product development.

​Today, Scrum and other agile techniques are being used at startups, commercial enterprises, non-profits, NGOs, schools (K thru 12+ Universities), and within government and military organizations internationally.

Implementing Scrum means different things to different people.

Your understanding of this depends on where you are on your journey of learning about this framework to develop and sustain complex products (or services).

  • Scrum is not just about the practices, events, and ceremonies. It’s more.
  • Scrum is not just about changing team practices. It’s more.
  • Scrum is not just an IT (Information Technology) thing. It’s more.
  • Scrum is not just about product development. It’s more.

Where are YOU on your scrum journey today?

Depending on “where” you are today… select one of the following links to learn more (and share with your team and organization):

What Next?

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